Method System Bins

Method System Bins
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Method Recycling Bins NZ MADE

Beautiful, functional office recycling


Flexible for the future
Adaptable recycling stations that move or grow as your needs change. Reimagined waste stream colours that complement your aesthetic, while meeting New Zealand industry requirements.

Recycling + waste becomes simple
Clear + colourful icons empower better waste separation.

Choose your recycling bin lid
Open lids for high-flow environments with daily waste collections. Touch lids for low-flow environments with less frequent waste collections.

A beautiful solution
Bin liners become invisible with the patented Bag Retainer System.

60L capacity per bin  (As a comparison the Christchurch City Council standard Green Organics wheelie bin has 80L capacity.)
350w x 350d x 755h mm
Designed + made in New Zealand
Open height of Touch lid bin - 1010mm
Made from Polypropylene - fully recyclable
Black components - at least 50% recycled polypropylene

Also available 20L capacity bins.

Method brochure

Prices excl GST
and freight ex Auckland (freight to Christchurch approx. $27 per unit base and lid).

METKB60x4 Method Sixty - Open Lid
60L open - Blue Glass  METKB060-BLU-GLA $185.00
60L open- Green Organics  METKB060-GRN-ORG $185.00
60L open - Grey Paper METKB060-GRY-PAP $185.00
60L open - Red Landfill METKB060-RED-LAN $185.00
60L open - Amber Plastic & Cans METKB060-AMB-BAC $185.00
60L open - Amber Comingled Recycling METKB060-AMB-COM $185.00
60L open - Amber Mixed Recycling  METKB060-AMB-MIX $185.00
60L open - White Soft Plastics  METKB060-WHI-SOP $185.00
METKB60CLx4 Method Sixty - Touch Lid
60L closed - Blue Glass  METKB060C-BLU-GLA $260.00
60L closed - Green Organics  METKB060C-GRN-ORG $260.00
60L closed - Grey Paper METKB060C-GRY-PAP $260.00
60L closed - Red Landfill METKB060C-RED-LAN $260.00
60L closed - Amber Plastic & Cans METKB060C-AMB-BAC $260.00
60L closed - Amber Comingled Recycling METKB060C-AMB-COM $260.00
60L closed - Amber Mixed Recycling  METKB060C-AMB-MIX $245.00
METHD003 Method Sixty Bin Connectors
HD Connector 2 Bin Station  METHDC002.1 $92.00
HD Connector 3 Bin Station  METHDC003.1 $119.00
HD Connector Expansion Kit  METHDC004.1 $45.00
Precycler - used at desks for those who find it difficult to transition from own bin to shared bins.
Precycler - Waste (pack of 5)
  • Fully collapsible for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Polypropylene - Recyclable
  • Dimensions: 135 x 115 x 90 mm
METPRE001 $57.50
Precycler - Paper (pack of 5)
  • Fully collapsible for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Polypropylene - Recyclable
  • Dimensions: 220 x 100 x 250 mm
METPRE002 $57.50
  Method Sixty Base Only
60L Receptacle Base METAS-060 $105.00
  Method Sixty Lid Only
Open (LID ONLY) METAS-060L $113.75
Touch (LID ONLY) METAS-060CL $159.25
  Method Twenty - Open Lid
20L open - Blue Glass  METKB020-BLU-GLA $99.00
20L open- Green Organics  METKB020-GRN-ORG $99.00
20L open - Grey Paper METKB020-GRY-PAP $99.00
20L open - Red Landfill METKB020-RED-LAN $99.00
20L open - Amber Plastic & Cans METKB020-AMB-BAC $99.00
20L open - Amber Co-mingled Recycling METKB020-AMB-COM $99.00
20L open - Amber Mixed Recycling  METKB020-AMB-MIX $99.00

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