Terms of Trade

Ways to Pay

Credit Card Payments

Payment is accepted by New Zealand issued Visa and MasterCard.

Bank Merchant Service Fee (commission) may be added to credit card payments when:
  1. payment is made after the due date calculated as per "Terms" shown at top of invoice.
  2. items sold that have very low or zero margin, including but not limited to all DX Mail/NZ Mail/NZ Post products.
The current Merchant Service Fee rates as at 1 May 2021 are:
  1. Visa 2.97%
  2. Mastercard 3.22%
Only partial card information is held electronically, just enough to enable refunds.  All other card information is destroyed as soon as transaction has been processed.

Internet Banking

Payment can be made via internet banking.  The bank account number to pay to is on the bottom of your invoice.  Please include either your account number (prefaced by "AC" or invoice number (prefaced by "INV") as the reference.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery (COD) can be accommodated on most Christchurch delivered orders only.

Monthly Account

For regular customers monthly accounts can be set up with payment due by 20th month following date of invoice.  Statements are emailed at the beginning of each month.


Cheques are no longer accepted.


Pricing on this website are exclusive of GST.  This is because Office Specialists is mostly a business to business supplier and nearly all clients of Office Specialists are registered for GST.  Tax invoices will show the GST amount added at the end of the invoice.

Quoted Prices

Unless stated otherwise any price quoted in emails or over the phone are valid for 30 days only.

Pricing given for services, e.g. installation of dictation equipment, printers or furniture etc are estimates based on the expected time a job may take.  Unforeseen delays, e.g. lengthy Windows updates, slow computers, confined work areas, difficult access, etc, may increase the actual time taken to complete the job which may therefore incur additional installation charges.

Minimum Order Value

For non account holders there is a minimum order value of $20.00 exclusive of GST.

Freight Charges

Guidelines for freight charges can be read here.  Freight charges, if any, will be advised at time of order.


We endeavour to keep the pricing and product information on this website current and accurate, however due to the large number of products and the number of different suppliers used there will be times when the pricing and information is incorrect.  We will notify you of any inaccuracies as soon as possible.

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