Frequently Asked Questions

My office equipment that is vital to my work has stopped working or is broken.  What can you do to help in the short term?

We have a variety of loan equipment including chairs, dictation equipment, label printers, headsets.  We have printer technicians that make house calls too.  Contact us with your problem and we will work out a solution that will work best for you.

I have a problem with my dictation and/or transcription software or hardware, how quickly can you fix it?
These types of problems are prioritised according to need.  e.g. if your problem doesn't effect your ability to work, then that will have a lower priority than someone who cannot use it at all.  Customers who purchased their dictation equipment from the Office Specialists (or companies Andrew has worked for in the past) will always have priority over those that haven't.  Generally most problems can be attended to within one working day.  We have TeamViewer for remote access to your computer and we can often solve or provide temporary work arounds over the phone.  Call 0800 216 874 (if the call is likely to take longer than 4 or 5 minutes we may ask to call you right back).

If we are not contactable soon enough for you, you may call Olympus Technical Support on 0800 659 678.  Please advise them that you are a customer of The Office Specialists.


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