Mailing and Courier Packs

DX pricing as at 1st July 2023.
Note that if paying by Visa or MasterCard for any DX Mail products a bank commission fee of approximately 3% will be added.  Standard size (for 9's & DLE envelopes) DX Mail domestic stamps cost $2.09 incl GST.
Depending on the size, the following are the number of stamps required:

Envelope Size Max Dimensions
(Height x Length)
Max Weight/
Max Thickness
Number of
Medium (DLE/C9/Cheque Mailer/Maxpop) 130mm x 235mm 500g/
1 National Stamp
Large (C5) 165mm x 235mm 500g/
2 National Stamps
Oversize (A4 & E35) 260mm x 385mm 1kg/
3 National Stamps

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