Transcription Services

TranscriptionLooking for someone to type up your dictation then contact these people.
Please disregard the hyphens at the beginning and end of email addresses (have been added to reduce spam).

Please make your own assessment as to the suitability of any of these contacts for your own work.
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)
Lenna K. Millar
T:  (06) 344 4198
M:  027 -7894928
Typists located throughout NZ.  Excellent transcription services. Experienced in transcribing the written and spoken word.
The Secretary Bird
Christine McMullan
M:  027 434-9801
Experienced in general and legal documentation, including verbatim transcripts for New Zealand Police and Racing authorities.
Cherry Daly T: Home (03) 3849 863
T: Work (03) 355 2345
M: 0210 251 8818
Experience includes Medical typing.
CV Available
Karen Thompson E: Experience includes Medical typing.
typeset south
Sonia Parker
M: 021 129 9560

Specialises in medical and legal, interviews and meetings.

Clients of The Office Specialists Ltd having purchased Olympus transcription kits may have their contact details listed above.  Free phone and email support is available to all who purchase their Olympus digital dictation equipment from The Office Specialists Ltd.

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